Light Map

This Photo was taken at the natural portrait gallery in Washington, Dc over winter break. I was really drawn to this piece of art work by its use of the light map created to simulate a United States Map. inside of each states border there are Tvs showing something that represents that state. For example, Georgia was showing the 96′ Olympics and Idaho just had potato’s on the screen. To be honest this photo was taken with an iPhone 8 so I’m pretty impressed with how it came out. I didn’t have my camera on me that day but their were still so many opportunities to take photos that I wasn’t going to pass on. This picture in particular really spoke to me because of the contrast between the low light of the room we were in and the bright lights and screens. I also enjoyed my cropping because I chose to only show the east coast which is where I call home. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and come back from more! BlogOne.png


Hi! I’m Shelby Bardet.

My Name is Shelby Bardet. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but am currently a junior Visual Communications major at the University of South Carolina. I took a view video broadcast class’s in high school and then winded us in VisCom because I really enjoys taking photography’s. Hopefully after I graduate I will be able to open up my own wedding photography business with the skills I learn here at USC! I am taking three photography class’ this semester and excited about each and every one because I have already gained so much knowledge! Get ready to see all of my work right here on my new blog!Processed with VSCO with c1 preset