Thirsty Fellow

I did a fun project at Thirsty Fellow! They needed more photos for their social media and since they know I’m a visual communications major they asked me to come in and take some! I had a lot of fun with it and being able to take photos of what ever I wanted but I did come into some lighting issues. I was having to take glasses inside/outside turn them around to get the logos to look the way I wanted. in this instance I would have really loved to have had one of the lighting kits with me enhance the photos. over all I do thing they turned out good/ could be better but the thirsty fellow staff really liked them and they are being used on their social media pages!

Wedding Exposure!!!!

I am super excited about some upcoming events that are going to help me get more into wedding photography! First is that one of my professors invited me to help him photograph a wedding at the end of the month in Charleston. It is going to be a huge wedding at the cigar factory with tons going on so it is going to be challenging but very good experience. A couple reasons this is such a great opportunity, one – it will finally give me some experience to make sure I’m on the path I think I want, and two it will give me some material for both my portfolio and wedding Instagram!!! I am pretty excited as you can tell. Another great opportunity coming up is that I will be interning with a local wedding photographer here in the fall. I really love her work because it is so light and airy. I have attached some of her work so that you all can have a little taste and ill keep you updated as it gets closer and I know more about the internship!!!

studio work

Hey guys! I have been working in the studio a lot for one of my final projects so I have a little preview for you all! I had my friend kendall come in and model and it went surprisingly well. She was very omfortable in front of the camera and is very photogenic. I had a lot of fun with this shot but I do think it looks a little but more like senior portraits than a magazine ad. I’m definitely going to have to work on styling kendall better for my next few shoots with her to make them look more high end that how these came out. Also I need to change up my shutter speed because I did get a small black line on the bottom of my pictures when it was set at 250 but I can change that for next time. I hope you like these and ill update you after my next time in the studio!

Final Project ARTS-361

Man oh man. My weeks are getting really busy at this point in the semester. I have already had to start working on my final projects in three different classes. For my ARTS 361 class we are creating a book. I will be using the photos I took in Haiti for that class, so at least that clears up a little of my time to actually photograph my other final projects. Within my book I will be turning some of the portraits I took into “paintings” using Photoshop and then framing them onto some kind of background. Over the past week I have spent hours searching google for backgrounds I will be using. I am still mocking up so many options to see what I will like best. Do I want to use a vintage floral wallpaper or so I want to do with a more traditional wallpaper. OR do I go with some fun palm leafs to tie it in with Haiti even more; and then do I go with a muted, monochrome look or do I pull color into it. So many options I have to work with and so little time before everything is due.

Research on Lighting

In one of the classes I am taking at school, I have an upcoming assignment of on location lighting for a group portrait. This project makes me a bit anxious because we will only have two lights and must have three or more people in the frame. I learned a lot from my last portrait assignment such as to focus on the shadows of the nose. For this assignment I am going to pay extra special attention to each persons noes and make sure my lighting is flattering on all three of my subjects. I will be using three girls from my sorority who raised huge amounts of money for Dance Marathon and CMNH as my subjects. I will also be doing this in the house to emphasize that they are sorority girls who did this for philanthropy. I have been looking up lots of reference photos of group portraits to inspire me with poses and lighting angles. Here are some of the photos I am going off of going into my actual shot which will be Friday morning. Tune in next week for an update on how it went!


I Went to Haiti!

Welcome back!

Little update: I went to Haiti! I worked on a mission trip with Greek impact and Filter of Hope over my spring break. While I was distributing water filters and spreading the gospel, I managed to get a few really good portraits done. I ended up taking about 50 pictures a day and they progressively got better as the days went on. I had a little bit of trouble figuring the optimal settings for the environment and fast pace I was in. First, I started in Manual but with ISO 100 all my photos were turning out super dark and unusable. I then switched to Auto ISO and while the photos were turning out better my aperture was locked on F 8.0 which was not preferable. I had to do a little experimenting and even texted one of my professors for advice. In the end I started using Priority settings and an ISO +1600. Once I was in my grove I started getting some pictures I am really happy with. I think this was a learning experience of still getting to know all of my camera options and also taught me that I like taking pictures on the go and un-staged. Here are just a few of my favorite captures from my trip! Enjoy!



Light Map

This Photo was taken at the natural portrait gallery in Washington, Dc over winter break. I was really drawn to this piece of art work by its use of the light map created to simulate a United States Map. inside of each states border there are Tvs showing something that represents that state. For example, Georgia was showing the 96′ Olympics and Idaho just had potato’s on the screen. To be honest this photo was taken with an iPhone 8 so I’m pretty impressed with how it came out. I didn’t have my camera on me that day but their were still so many opportunities to take photos that I wasn’t going to pass on. This picture in particular really spoke to me because of the contrast between the low light of the room we were in and the bright lights and screens. I also enjoyed my cropping because I chose to only show the east coast which is where I call home. I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and come back from more! BlogOne.png